To the Youth of Peace

Message of Mary Rose of Peace in July 30 of 2017

DAILY MESSAGE OF MARY, ROSE OF PEACE, TRANSMITTED IN THE MARIAN CENTER OF FIGUEIRA, MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN A youth of peace… A youth of peace is that spirit who brings, from the Universe, the principle of reconciliation, and it is who, through their renewal, transforms things, living within themselves the first rule among all rules: love. A youth of peace is the one who unifies forms and the one who rearranges ideas, bringing, through their inner impulses, the possibility, from cycle to cycle, for everything to be renewed. A youth of peace

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Message of Mary Rose of Peace in July February 10 of 2017

MENSAGEM DIÁRIA DE MARIA, ROSA DA PAZ, TRANSMITIDA DURANTE A VIAGEM DO CENTRO MARIANO DE FIGUEIRA, MINAS GERAIS, AO CENTRO MARIANO DO MENINO REI, TERESÓPOLIS, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL, AO VIDENTE FREI ELÍAS DEL SAGRADO CORAZÓN Queridos filhos, Dear children, Today I dedicate this message to all the youth of light, to the new seeds that are sprouting in these definitive times, and within whom My eyes of a Mother can see the virtues that are awakening within them. Thus, these seeds of the youth that are sprouting today represent, for My co-redemptive work, the expression of the essential purity

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