Message of Mary Rose of Paece in July 16 of 2016


My beloved children,

While the world agonizes and My adversary tries to write a different future for the Earth through the wounds set in the hearts and spirits of the children and youths that live in wars, My maternal Spirit of love tries to lead you to balance and to the reparation of the human heart.

Children, the deep wounds that are being spiritually stamped in the children and youths of today causes hatred and resentment, the eagerness to start new wars and revenge to grow in the hearts of My little ones, and extinguishes from within them the gift of fear of God, the possibility of loving, finding peace, expressing harmony, beauty, fraternity, purity, and compassion.

The youths and the children who suffer today due to wars, and who even actively participate in them – forced or led by the resentment in their hearts – are souls that have come to the world to render a service, to express a divine attribute, and to take to the Universe a learning of love and unity.

For this Plan of the Creator not to be lost or modified by the hands of the adversary, I call on you to balance, to generate unity, peace, harmony, and fraternity. I call on you to spread love, and the possibility of experiencing on Earth a healthy life that is full of God. I call on all the youth of the planet to collaborate in the redemption, not only of their own beings, but also to be guardians of the future of all humanity; guardians of the divine project whose manifestation will be their responsibility in the coming time.

My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of amusement for youths, as many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.

Today I call all the youths of the world to unite in heart and in spirit with the Youth Festival for Peace, where they will express themselves through art, singing, creativity, spirit, and will speak the language of the heart through the prayer that is found in all these things.

The art that they will express there will not only be an individual or group manifestation of harmony and beauty; it will be an offering on behalf of all the youths and children of the world who can no longer express themselves freely through arts, and who have not been able to find within themselves the way to express the joy of their souls with colors, harmony, and beauty, because many times, My children, this joy is absent.

May singing be a singing that heals, that radiates, that renews and that inspires new hearts.

May the photographic arts lead them to the sacred, to communion with life, the expression of divine beauty, which in daily life they are not able to observe.

May the words written among verses and poems express the gratitude of the soul for serving God, and may they always be a source of awakening for other spirits.

May each moment of interaction and fraternity be an offering for all the lack of love that permeates the world today and for the inability that the adversary has caused in many of My children to experience unity with their neighbors, even within their own families.

Beloved children, today I will ask everyone to support, to help, and participate in the Youth Festival for Peace, seeing it not only as a moment of peace for My dear young people, but also, children, as a planetary service that is based on the example and the living of divine principles that express themselves in the simplicity of the young heart.

May all the youths and children of the world receive the radiation of this divine seed that will be planted in the human consciousness by means of this Festival, and thus the Plan of the Creator find a hope and a renewal in the human heart, in the heart of the youngest ones.

I love you, and today I bless you, at the same time that I bless My beloved daughter, who also represents the youth that is consecrated to My Heart, the future of the planet, and its entry into the real time of the universe.

I leave you My holy peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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