Message of Mary Rose of Peace in April 29 of 2018


The Flower of the Youth Festival for Peace

My dear youths,

Each Festival concreted in this cycle is like a flower that is manifested to praise the Creator.

Now, through this new Festival in Belo Horizonte, your Heavenly Mother can already tell you that you are entering, as consciousnesses, in a time of greater maturity, where each one of the youths responsible for the manifestation of the Festivals will have the opportunity to take on with consciousness this mission and this spiritual task.

Until this moment, the Festivals were precious and hard-working, they were training to learn to take on with responsibility a part of the Plan which is presented to you by the Hierarchy.

For that reason, the Youth Campaign for Peace should continue expanding and it should continue being enlarged in the Festivals that will come.

Thus, in the previous times I have delivered to you precious attributes that spiritually will work the consciousness of the coming Festivals. Keeping in mind what each new Festival should express, you will help your creativity and harmony with the essence of each meeting to deepen in you.

Each new Festival will be a goal to reach.

Each effort and the dedication that you place, as you have done lately, will help mature even further your principles and above all your consciousnesses.

The Youth Campaign for Peace, which houses one of its principles that is the Youth Festival for Peace, in this new cycle and after here, Belo Horizonte, should start to work within the universities, colleges and commercial areas so that the greatest number of youths can know the Youth Campaign for Peace.

The praying task of youths is contributing for the essence of the youth of the planet to have the Grace of awakening and of protecting the new patterns of conduct that will form the consciousness of the New Humanity.

Thus, the participation of the younger ones in the Youth Campaign for Peace will expand the operational field of work and, most importantly, as brothers and sisters, you will learn to awaken a consciousness of greater love for Nature and for the planet.

Each new Festival that takes place in a city indicated by your Heavenly Mother, is a spiritual network that is built in the consciousnesses so that certain spaces of the planet may be protected from interferences and from exploitation.

That is why each new Festival, each Youth Campaign for Peace that is realized and spread, helps to elevate the human consciousness so that some day it may find inner healing in its being.

I encourage all My dear youths to have some represent the Youth Campaign for Peace participating, fraternally, in the next World Youth Day to be held in Panama with the company of My beloved son, Pope Francis.

Thus, you will join other youths of the world who also seek the elevation of consciousness and above all, the peace to learn to overcome the obstacles of these times.

Among the youths that form the Youth Campaign for Peace, you will meet, pray and feel, in a spontaneous way, which one will represent in Panama.

May this fraternal unity, among brothers and sisters, build the new consciousness.

May the Festival, based today in Belo Horizonte, bear fruits of maturity to take the upcoming Festival to Buenos Aires and to unite the youth of different nations.

Do not forget, children, to invite the youths of Chile for the next task in Argentina.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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