Message of Mary Rose of Peace in July 28 of 2019


To Those Who Awaken

In the Universe, there are three manifestations of God, through His three Persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

The divine aspect of the Holy Spirit is impelled by the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy or Mother of the World.

This unknown manifestation of the Holy Spirit is what is carrying forward the plan of awakening to a great part of humanity. And this awakening, which is impelled by the Universe, has no religion, only has essence, and its essence is Universal Love, the Love that moves the whole Universe and leads the consciousnesses to live learnings and experiences.

The Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, or Mother of the World, is what within the cycle of awakening is spiritually working within an important part of humanity, which is the youth. Because in the youth of this time is the potential and the inner fire for the realization and the concretion of the Divine Plan on Earth.

For this reason, the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy is supporting the awakening of the youngest ones, because within them resistance does not prevail and, if it existed, they would have no difficulty transforming it.

In the youth of this time, the Project of peace and of consciousness must be expressed. A Project that impels the manifestation of the bases of peace on the surface of the Earth in times of conflict, and the establishment of consciousness through the awakening to the life of the spirit and to awareness, through care and love for the planet and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Therefore, this is the cycle in which the youth must be gathered so that, among the young ones, they may not only share and experience the culture of peace and fraternity, but also the inner talents may awaken in the younger ones, making them participants in the events of the end of times.

And on some plane of consciousness, to some spiritual degree, each youth has a commitment to the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy and, being children and inheritors of this Source, they will count on its support and fortitude to carry forward the Will of God.

This Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy gathers the consciousnesses of the youth of the planet and it is this consciousness of the youth that, in this crucial time of humanity, will need to be protected so that the youth may find the meaning of elevation of consciousness through humanitarian service, the protection of the lower Kingdoms, the spiritual union with the Creation and of expression of music, art and dance, as a message of awareness, harmony and peace to the world.

Today, the Youth Festival for Peace in Salvador is the preamble for all to perceive that within each youth there is an equality that is expressed in the unity and in fraternity with the young brother or sister.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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