Routine of connection with the Divine in times of seclusion

Some experiences of the youth of the Youth for Peace Campaign: “These days when the everyday life had a pause, the space for my daily connection has been wider. Since the begining of the quarantine, I began to pray the rosary. It has been beautiful because my mother and a neighbor that hasen’t prayed the rosary for about 10 years gathered together. She began to feel more peaceful, less anguished by the situation”, reveals Anahí Fernándes Bollea, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Multiple connections
“I participate in weekly virtual prayer meetings. There are other moments of connection, for example: I try to put an intention of healing and gratitude in the preparation of the meal,” declares Daniel Dâmaso, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Daniel says that the music is other form of connection: “to play an instrument, to sing a song, to hear a mantra or a classical music, the simple contact with music is a very rich exercise.” For Mariana de Oliveira, from Pirassununga, Sao Paulo, listening to music is also a way of internalization that brings inner peace.
Strengthening of faith “I feel that these moments of connection with the Divine are what sustain me, what make me have serenity, what keeps my faith and what approach me from the Hierarchy. Knowing that each prayer is a grain of sand in the Bigger Plan gives sense to my life”, shares Anahí. Acording to Daniel, the importance of the connection is to keep the vibration high, especially of the psychic. A bit of Reading and a bit of a step back from the daily news loaded with negativity contributes to keep a positive state.
Transformations on the consciousness “I believe that this extraordinary experience that we are living and the wonderful things that we see in the animal and vegetable kingdoms are making many people think about the impact of the life we live and the real necessity of us to change our life habits”, reflects Anahí. Daniel also comments that “the planet is breathing with this seclusion. The air and rivers are purer with the decrease of cars on the streets and with the paralisation of many factories and industries. For a long time the planet cried out that it needed to breath, It seems like now, the whole of humanity was forced to give nature a break. In the morning when I wake up and I see the sun and the horizon, I feel like the air is different, it seems like the planet is renewing itself”. These are times of possibilities for deep changes on the consciousness of humanity by means of fraternity and harmony with nature.
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