Daily Message of Saint Joseph in April 11 of 2016



For these times of chaos, the need to live love and peace will unite religions and cultures, races, peoples and hearts, to proclaim the victory of the Light.

The spirit of ecumenism is conceived in the youngest, for those who come to the world in these times have the mission of living unity with their fellow beings and, above all, with God, so that, from the union of creatures with the Creator, illusion may dissolve, the veils may fall from the human eyes and the time of the Universe may unite with the time of the Earth, bringing the truth of higher life toward the human consciousness.

Because you have not cultivated a path of prayer and communion with God, this ecumenical mission of the youth of today is often confused with the experiences they have through the diferente ways of perdition in the abysses of the world, believing that they are opening their consciousnesses to the new.

The errors and the rigidity of the past – typical of the polishing of the human consciousness of that period – distanced many hearts from God. And now, children, the time has come for the youngest to be able to awaken to the life of the spirit, and for that to happen, those who are sleeping and deluded need the example of those who have already awakened. It is for this reason that we ask that the youth themselves give an impulse to others.

With time, the spiritual energy itself will cause you to grow, mature and become true instruments of God. Spiritual life is very broad and infinite, and human ignorance concerning that life is so great that those who decide to walk will never experience monotony or discouragement, for they will always have something new to experience.

In these times, children, humanity needs to get out of a degenerated pattern of consciousness to at least take the first steps in a life consecrated to the Divine Purpose, and gradually institute the principles of the new humanity.

Trust that in the youngest this possibility exists, regardless of their appearance, because appearance is the result of the illusion in which creatures still superficially live. Truth only comes to light when the spirit awakens. Until then, children, you must seek to contemplate the essence of beings rather than what they appear to be.

Today My Heart is grateful for the impulse received by all the young people that have inwardly accepted to experience awakening. As Father and Companion of all, I will guide you and I will always be at the side of each of you.

I bless you today and always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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