It is the young soul that expresses itself through every brushstroke, color and movement, carrying messages of peace and hope to the world. Through the harmony and beauty of artistic expression, we unite our consciousness with the sacred that dwells within everything that exists.

Through musical expression, we contribute to the elevation and harmonization of the planet’s vibrations. With each note and feeling of peace expressed through music, the human heart is open to balance, healing, rediscovery with oneself and reconciliation with others.



When we help the Kingdoms of Nature and those who need it most, principles of brotherhood and love descend to the planet. Suffering is relieved, and our hearts are filled with joy when given an opportunity to love.

A heart that asks for peace and healing for the planet raises the soul to the Creator. When young people unite their cry in one voice, they attract principles of love and reconciliation to the Earth and to the lives of all young people in the world.


peace Instructions

Teaching about the values ​​of spiritual life is one of the foundations for internal growth. The young people thus awakens to a new path: that of the transformation of his conscience and, consequently, of his life.

By opening our hearts to the Kingdoms of Nature, they are relieved of the suffering that humanity causes them. Loving the smaller kingdoms also allows healing and renewal to enter our lives.

love for the kingdoms of nature

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