How can we help our planet?

With simplicity and love, we can help healing our blue planet. Check out some of our actions and join us!

Actions of

Environmental care

As missionaries of the environment, we encourage actions for cleaning beaches and rivers, building vegetable gardens and taking care of green spaces. What about calling your friends and participating in an action for the Mother Earth?

Service to the

Animal Kingdom

We aspire to bring relief to the animal kingdom by boosting campaigns for adoption of street animals, actions in kennels and catteries, by raising funds for animal castration, for food and medicine purchase. A solidarity network for our younger brothers!



We promote mission experiences that bring assistance for those in most need – asylums, orphanages, refugee shelters. The living experiences include many activities like playing with the children and raising donations. Overcoming indifference and being together heals the hearts of all those involved!

Connection with the


We find in prayer, yoga practice, mantra attunements, nature contemplation and in simple silence, ways to connect with the Divine and attract balance to the Planet. Invisible ways of serving and starting a journey to self-knowledge.

Praying for the PEACE of the

Youth of the World

An invitation to serve the Planet by praying for Nature and for Young People.

Live on every Saturday at 5 PM (Brasilia, Brazil time zone).

Join us!

Young Pilgrimage

A journey of inner connection to sacred places of the planet.

Write us to find out more!

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